Knowled Cat Scratch Pads Furniture Protector Furniture Scratch Guards Pet Couch Protector Guards Cat Scratch Protector For Bed Chair Couch Seat Stairs

Material: cotton and linen sofa cloth
Packing: OPP
Style: ordinary models, nail models
Packing size: about 40*29cm/15.75*11.42in

Strong Furniture Protection Shield: Cat loves claws. It is impossible to stop the cat from catching, and your furniture must suffer endless scratches. A sofa cover protects your furniture from damage while making your cat happy.
Easy to Use: Our cat grip pads are sized for any side of the sofa, table legs or as a cat's rest pad to protect your furniture quickly and effectively.
Natural Material: Natural sisal is the cat's love, pure natural sisal has the characteristics of strong tensile, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Natural, environmentally friendly, and friendly products are safe for your cat.
Rugged Construction: The sisal fabric of this soap pad is particularly durable. The inconspicuous dark gray fabric is half-fitted to fit the overall design of your furniture.
Easy to Clean and Maintain: Our cat grip pads can be cleaned, y...

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Wishwin Cat Scratching Mat Cat Scratch Protector for Couch, Chair, Desk Legs

Item Type:Pet Toy
Toys Type:Scratching Mat
Target Audience:Cats
Size:20 cm/7.87"*30 cm/11.81"

Product Features

  • 1. Material: the sisal is high-quality and non-toxic, and the mat is durable and resistant to scratch and is harmless for pets.?
  • 2. Convenient: it can be used for all occasions, such as couch, chair, desk Legs and so on because of the design of magic stickers.
  • 3. Protective: it can prevent your furniture from scratching by cats.
  • 4. Good Friends: the mat can awake their natural hunting instinct, help cats ease the unhappy moods and release the pressure to keep them healthy mentally and physically.
  • 5. Easy to Use: you just fix it on everywhere you want through the magic stickers, and it is very firm and not be loose easily.
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Sinrextraonry 1 Piece Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape Clear Cat Scratch Deterrent Double Sided Cat Training Sticky Tape for Furniture, Couch, Chair, Sofa Supplies (Single Roll,S)

Colour: clear
Material: PVC

Dimensions ( approx):
Size S: 3 meters in length and 6.35 cm in width
Size M: 5 meters in length and 6.35 cm in width
Size L: 10 meters in length and 6.35 cm in width

Weight (approx):
Size S: 134 g
Size M: 208.5 g
Size L: 385.4 g

Package include:
1 X Cat training tape

Product Features

  • Durable material: the material is industrial grade thick clear TPU sheet with pressure sensitive adhesive backing, thick enough to deter scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture, stop cat claws from shredding your couch
  • No glue: safe to use on most surface, the cat-proof tape easily adheres to any fabric, it is also safe for hard surfaces like tables, chairs and even carpets, it can be removed without leaving stain, it can be reused if the surface was cleaned before apply
  • Toxic free: the cat scratch deterrent is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and will not put your pets in any harm, it is non-toxi...
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Hengu Cats Scratching Toy, Cat Claw Scratching Furniture Scratching Mat Scratching Posts Recyclable Corrugated Board with 2 Toy Balls & Catnip

Hengu Cats Scratching Toy, Cat Claw Scratching Furniture Scratching Mat Scratching Posts Recyclable Corrugated Board with 2 Toy Balls & Catnip
★ HIGH STABILITY - Triangle design with rough surface allows this scratching board to stay stable all the time no matter how your cats pull the article down.
★ HIGH QUALITY CORRUGATED PAPER - This high-quality corrugated paper'gaps are tightly combined. It's environmental friendly and very thick.
★ EDIBLE GLUTINOUS RICE GELATIN - The cat scratch board is bonded and pressed with edible glutinous rice glue. Safe and non-toxic to use.
★ DOUBLE-SIDED GRINDING CLAW DESIGN - Double-sided is available for cat grinding their claws. It's economical, pressure-resistant and wear-resistant, won't hurt your pet's claw.
★ BUILT-IN BELL BALL DESIGN - There are two tracks in the cat scratching board to place the bell ball, which greatly increases the function of the cat grabbing board. It can also be a cat toy.
★ WITH CATNIP - Catnip is a harmles...

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Pet Cat Scratching Mat Cat Furniture Protector Natural Sisal Sofa Shield Protection Cover For Furniture Chair Couch

Name: Pet Cat Scratching Mat Sofa Cover Furniture Scratch Prevention Pad
Material: felt cloth+sisal
Color: gray
Weight: about 450g
Product size: about 140*92cm/55*36in
Packing size: about 30*28*6cm/11.8*11*2.4in
Function: sofa cover, DIY cutting size, cat grinding claw, etc.
Cleaning: hand wash
Keywords: cat scratching mat, sisal sofa shield

Packing List:
1*Sofa Protection Cover

Product Features

  • Easy to Use: Our cat scratch pad is sized to fit on either side of the sofa or as a cat's resting pad, protecting your furniture quickly and effectively.
  • Sofa Cover: Cats love scratches, so that it is impossible to prevent cats from catching them. And your furniture must be endlessly scratched. A sofa cover can protect your furniture from damage while making your cat happy.
  • High-quality Materials: Natural sisal is the love of cats. Natural and environmentally-friendly materials are very suitable for cats' grinding claws. They are easy to grind, durable, and do not hurt the claws. Gra...
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Lifreer Cat Scratching Post 4 Packs Cat Scratching Board Cat Scratcher, Scratch Post Suitable for Cat Furniture, Cat Scratch Deterrent Self-Adhesive Pads, Leather Protector


Package: You will get 4 Packs cat scratching post cat scratch protector in the package

Cat Scratch Post with High Quality: The cat scratching board is made of PVC,  environmentally friendly, non-toxic, flexible. They are thick enough to against scratch flexible to blend around the contours of your furniture

Easy to Install: Simply clean and dry the surface, then install the adhesive fasteners and paste the scratch post onto the surface wherever you want to protect

Cat Scratch Protector: These cat scratch posts provide near invisible protection, protect against paint damage and cats dogs clawing and scratching

Application: These cat scratching posts are the best sofa protector leather protector. And the scratch posts cat scratcher are also perfect for protecting your couch, chair, carpet or love seat, cat furniture


Item Name: Cat Scratching Post

Material: PVC

Size: about 6"*20"/15 * 50cm

Weight: about 100g

Color: transparent


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precauti Pet Cat Scratching Mat Natural Sisal Sofa Shield Protection Cover for Furniture Chair Couch

1. Sofa Cover: Cats love scratches, so that it is impossible to prevent cats from catching them. And your furniture must be endlessly scratched. A sofa cover can protect your furniture from damage while making your cat happy.
2. High-quality Materials: Natural sisal is the love of cats. Natural and environmentally-friendly materials are very suitable for cats' grinding claws. They are easy to grind, durable, and do not hurt the claws. Gray felt fabric can be DIY to cut off the extra parts and to achieve tailor-made for your sofa with right size.
3. Easy to Use: Our cat scratch pad is sized to fit on either side of the sofa or as a cat's resting pad, protecting your furniture quickly and effectively.
4. Convenient to Clean: Our cat scratch mat can be washed. And you can rinse it with water, but please pay attention to that hand washing...

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2 Inch Swivel Caster Wheels 360 Degree Rotating Ball Caters Wheel Top Plate Hooded Furniture Caster 66Lbs Capacity,Pack of 4(Ball Caster, 2 inch)

Material: Polypropylene/PP and Steel
Colors: Antique Gold
Quantity: Pack of 4
Net Weight: 125g/0.27 Pounds
Weight Capacity(Single): Max.30Kg/66Lb
Overall Height: 2.48 inch (63mm)
Wheel Diameter: 2 inch /50mm
Mounting Height: 2.48 inch / 63mm
Top Plate Size: 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch / 38 x 38mm(L*W)
Mounting Hole Center Distance: 1 inch x 1 inch / 27 x 27mm (L*W)

Package Content: 4pcs x Ball Shaped Casters

Screws aren't included!

Product Features

  • Durable Material: Made of PP,Polypropylene, it is a kind of non-toxic, odourless, tasteless, high density and high crystallization of polymers, has good heat resistance and mechanical properties, excellent comprehensive performance.
  • Swivel casters rotate 360 degrees which makes turning the mating equipment possible, It's good for transporting light furniture and displays quietly and safely.
  • Smooth and Quiet: The precision ball bearing in the antique casters movement nice and smooth; Polyurethane caster wheel easy rolling w...
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ADEPTNA Anti-Scratch Double Sided Adhesive Cat Training Sticky Tape for Protective Scratches Stop Cats Furniture Sticky Deterrent Cat Protectors Couch Door Carpets Chair and Sofa transparent

Cat scratch tape helps to train your cat stop scratching furniture as they will get a sticky feeling from the adhesive cat anti scratch tape, prevent your furniture from being ruined.

ADEPTNA feline friendly tape is perfect for protecting your furniture from little claws. Just peel, cut and stick where needed.

The invisible sticky surface that it creates will stop your cat or kitten from scratching.

ADEPTNA cat furniture protector tape made of transparent medical-grade particular double-sided strong sticky adhesive tapes, do no harm to your cats and doggie or other pets.

This tape can be stuck anywhere your kitty scratches, from fabric and leather couches, to vinyl floor tiles, and varnished doors. this sticky tape keeps paws off your furniture, walls, doors and couches without any odour at all!

SIZE - 3" X 15 Yards .

Adeptna cat training sticky tape Can also be used as a general double-sided tape for mounting light objects and for woodworking and other DIY projects.

100% Money ...

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